Former General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.”

We at TGS strongly second these words of Mr. Anan as we recognize that there is a vast ‘ocean of knowledge’ that is explored and voyaged by hundreds of students, children and adults daily, through different means; and at the same time an ocean of knowledge lies, yet to be explored.

Knowledge does not merely originate and is stored in from the prescribed text books and reference/ reading material. It goes beyond that- the vastness of information is as gigantic, perhaps, as our universe itself. Having some knowledge of this information and its acquisition is indeed like having a taste of the ‘nectar of the Gods’, according to Greek mythology or being the custodian of the ‘fire’ stolen by Prometheus.

From the lush green Indo-Gangetic plains to the enormity and emptiness of the Sahara; from culture and food to music, sports and lifestyle- there is so much to learn and know and there is no end to the same!

These ‘sparks of fire’ we light at our Quiz Club and pass our young people through the ‘blast furnace’ to get and give them a solid-rock-iron foundation and more importantly a thirst for this vast knowledge of information!

Information alone can lead to better and relevant communication among the youngsters.

Some of the aims of our Quiz Club are:

  • building ways, of creating an interest in the students in all the spheres of life beyond the confines of the prescribed syllabi: sports, cinema, music, culture, food, on going national and international happenings, living and lifestyle among others.
  • inculcating a passion and thirst for quizzing thereby encouraging students to gain adequate knowledge and exposure of India and the globe.
  • promoting interest among all club members and non-members, in order to enhance their general knowledge considerably thus challenging them to be ‘mini global ambassadors’.
  • identifying students who have a keen interest in quizzing and to create opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills by further participation in intra and inter school quizzes and other such ‘edutainment events’.
  • developing the spirit of quest not only for academics but also for life skills and thinking out of the box.
  • creating a deep sense of curiosity among the young students in order to motivate and mobilise them to get to the roots.
  • providing opportunities to students to collaborate with one another with a view to working towards generating awareness about the need and significance of ‘up-date knowledge’.