Public Speaking & Dramatics

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told over 200,000 people gathered, “I have a dream”, history unfolded that day- the face of America’s culture and its fabric were to change forever. Such was the impact that the ripples would be felt worldwide.

When Kapil Dev addressed his team mates with honest passion, “Let us accept that 183 is not a great total. But guys, we have nothing to loose but everything to gain. In this case ‘everything’ is the World Cup that no one expects us to win. Can we go for it by giving it all?” And these simple yet motivating words changed the course of Indian cricketing history.

Each of these speakers had carved a niche for themselves and was grand in their own way. They could motivate an entire nation, the entire organisation and team into a movement.

Yet, the number one fear that people have is speaking in public. While public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience, it can be extremely beneficial for one’s career. Those people who learn to effectively speak in public are not afraid of taking leadership roles, and are often perceived as being better leaders than those who do not give speeches or presentations.

This is precisely what we do at our Public Speaking and Dramatics club. We groom students in the following: public speaking basics, speak/ perform on stage, overcome their fear and become self-confident speakers and performers. At least self-confident individuals!

We do hope that both our members and non-members would be able to understand:  the importance of public speaking, overcome their fears of public speaking, capture and maintain the audience’s attention, be properly prepared for any presentation, develop their own style of presenting, use some rehearsal techniques to help them develop their presentation style, establish their credibility and build rapport, introduce themselves or another speaker with confidence, use multimedia tools effectively, use verbal and nonverbal communication to enhance their speech, take questions and get feedback from the audience among others.

Through the art of <strong>dramatics </strong>we strive to impart to our students the love for the ‘dying theatre’ so overshadowed by Bollywood’s silver screen. May it be noted that some of the greatest actors in Bollywood were at one time most successful on stage, the roots which gave them the wings: Sanjeev Kumar, Naseruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Jaya Bacchan and the likes of them.

What is drama? We would like to define it very simply as ‘the art of everyday living’. Strange but true that we have drama everyday in our lives- from the time we get out of bed right to the time we get into bed we act, copy, personify, imitate, reciprocate and wear so many masks that at times we forget the real us.

But our aim is different- our aim is to bring out each student from the shell which cocoons them and build them into confident young men and women, sensitive to their environment, happenings and most importantly to powerfully use theatre for various social and meaningful causes.

Street theatre is in fact till date one of the most powerful tools which is used to disseminate any vital information in rural India: Pulse Polio, Evils of the Dowry System, Education of the Girl Child and others. We shal start from the most basic manifestation – the skit,

Apart from this we seek students to enhance their speaking skills, voice modulation, intonation and be just as natural and common as the ‘person on the street’.

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