Class 10 – Section A

X- A
Subject C/W Revision Tomorrow’s Topic
Chemistry Properties of ethanol Revise Chapter-4 Properties of ethanoic acid
Pol. Science How Political Parties can be reformed Q./Ans.
English The Proposal Chapter-10 Revise Continue worksheet to be done
Biology Mendel’s Dihybrid cross explained Practice the Dihybrid cross explained in class Role of Environment of sex determination & Evolution Introduction
Maths Discussed problems from Ex.no.-9.1 Complete Ex.no.-9.1 with examples Circles
History 4.1 Germany-Can the Army be the Architect of a Nation and
4.2 Italy unified
Do the activity Q.S. on Pg.no.-20 & 21 4.3 The strange case of Britain
 हिंदी  ‘पतझड़ की टूटी पत्तियाँ, पाठ परिचय  शब्दार्थ लिखें  पाठ आरंभ