Class 10 – Section B

Subject C/W Tomorrow’s Topic
History The making of Germany and Italy The strange case of Britain
 हिंदी  ‘रवींद्र केलेकर’ परिचय तथा पाठ प्रवेश  शब्दार्थ लिखें।
पाठ का पूर्वार्ध (पतझड़ में टूटी पत्तियाँ)
Pol. Science Challenges to Political Parties How Parties is reformed
Maths Introduction of ‘Height and distance’
Q.no.-1,2,3,4 of Chapter-9
Height and Distance
Chemistry Properties of ethanol explained Properties of Acetic acid
Maths Practiced Problems from Ex.no.-9.1 Practiced Problems from Ex.no.-9.1
English Madam Rides the Bus Complete with Q./Ans.
English Revision-Grammar Rev. Revise
Biology Revision-Revision of Mendel’s Monohybrid cross Mendel’s Dihybrid cross
Maths Revision-Practiced problems from Ex.no.-9.1
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