Class 2 – Section B

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
English Word problems done on Money Revise Money
Hindi तेंदुए’ की खबर’ कहानी का प्रश्नोत्तर अभ्यास तेंदुए’ की खबर’ कहानी का प्रश्नोत्तर याद करें
P.E. Basketball, Badminton, Football, Tennis, Carrom
Computer Revision of chapter – 5 (More with Mouse)
English The Magic Porridge Pot’ : Q ./ A. done in the notebook Do page no.- 151 of English Reader book
E.V.S. Explained page nos.- 116 and 117
Done exercise – A, B and D of chapter – 17 in the notebook
Write the underlined words in your notebook. Paste the picture of things we use in summer, winter and rainy seasons.
Library Book receiving
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