Class 3 – Section C

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
Maths Written notes on rectangle, square, circle Given exercise based on shapes (worksheet no.- 1)
Hindi पाठ – 12 ‘जब मुझको साँप ने काटा’ का  प्रश्नोत्तर अभ्यास पाठ – 12 ‘जब मुझको साँप ने काटा’ का वर्कशीट में अभ्यास करें
Art and Craft Page no.- 31
English Reading explanation and new words of ‘How Creatures Move’ Learn the poem ‘How Creatures Move”
E.V.S. Explained page nos.- 133 & 134 done exercise  1, 2 and 3 of chapter – 9 Collect pictures of different pottery and paste in your notebook
Hindi पाठ – 12 : अभ्यास
Maths Chapter – 6 IMO book : Geometry done

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