Class 3 – Section D

Subject C/W Revision 
Maths Line, Ray and Types of line Learn the points
English Writing Done Pg.no.-32 and 33 done in cursive writing book Do Pg.no.-89 and 90 done
Do in book
Hindi  श्रुतिलेख अभ्यास   दो पेज सुलेख अभ्यास (सुलेख अभ्यास पुस्तिका)
Personality Development Time Management
EVS Chapter-19 finished Hard words and Q./Ans. done
Revision Exercises done in book
Maths Weekend HW of Maths :-
1. Ex.no.-63, Q.no.-1 to 4 (in the notebook) and Q.no.-5 and 6 (in book)
2. Learn and write all the important points of Geometry in CW notebook
Music Revision-Music Test
Music Revision-Music Test
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