Class 3 – Section D

Subject C/W Revision
Maths Ex.no.-31, Q.no.-1 to 3 (In the notebook) Ex.no.-31, Q.no.-4 to 9 (in the notebook)
English Writing Pg.no.-24 and 25 done in cursive writing book
Hindi Writing  सुलेख अभ्यास ‘प्यासी मैना’  सुलेख अभ्यास पुस्तिका से दो पृष्ठ सुलेख अभ्यास
EVS Chapter-10 Process of Photosynthesis in the notebook
Revision Difficult words of Chapter-11 done in the notebook
Personality Development Renewable resources and non-renewable resources
Music My favourite Things
Music My favourite Things