Class 3 – Section A

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
E.V.S. Explained page nos.- 133 & 134 done exercise  1, 2 and 3 of chapter – 9 Collect pictures of different pottery and paste in your notebook
Art and Craft Draw a tiger
Maths Written notes on triangle, Quadrilaterals learn the c.w
Hindi पाठ – 12 ‘जब मुझको साँप ने काटा’ का  प्रश्नोत्तर अभ्यास पाठ – 12 ‘जब मुझको साँप ने काटा’ का वर्कशीट में अभ्यास करें
English New words of ‘How Creatures Move’ Learn the poem ‘How Creatures Moves”
Music Basic Information and Nanha munha rahi hoon…
Maths Revision of chapter – 4 (Intro to MS. Word 2010) Learn chapter – 4
Admission Open - 2018-19 SessionDownload Fees & Brochure