Class 4 – Section C

Updates of the Day


Subject C/W H/W
हिन्दी पाठ – 2 प्रश्नोत्तर लेखन वर्ग कार्य याद करें
Science Done Q. no.- 4 (d, e) , 5 (a, b, c, d) of chapter – 2 Draw food Pyramid in the notebook
P.E. Tennis, Badminton, Carrom, Football, Basketball..
English Q./Ans. of ‘Neha’s Alarm Clock’ completed Learn the Q./Ans. of Unit- 1
Election for Student’s Council
Maths Explained Q. no.- 43 to 46 of ch- 1, revision Solve Q. no.- 43 to 46 of ch- 1 revision
हिन्दी पाठ – 1 पुनरावृति और पाठ – 2 पठन दोनों पाठों का पुनरावृति करें