Class 4 – Section C

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
Hindi  पाठ-5 वर्कशीट अभ्यास  पाठ-5 वचन व पाठ-9 कविता याद करें।
Science  Completed worksheet-8 Draw at a glance (Pg.no.-82) life cycle of frog, cockroach in the notebook
English Q./Ans. of “The Donkey” completed Read Tenses
Maths Revision of conversion of Ch.no.-12 Solve Ex.no.-46 of Ch.no.-12
S.St. Worksheet of Ch.no.-12 & 13 Learn Ch.no.-12 & 13 (Whole)
Hindi Reader  पाठ-2 का मौखिक अभ्यास।
Games Cricket swing

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