Class 4 – Section D

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W Revision
Maths Measures of capacity (Conversion of Lower Units into Higher Units) Solved Q.no.-1(a,c), Q.no.-3 (a,c) and Q.no.-4 (a,c)
English Grammar  “Tenses” formation of simple present, past and future sentences Practices the tenses verbally
S.St. Back exercise of Ch.no.-13 Learnt important terms of Ch.no.-13
Hindi  सर्वनाम कार्यपत्रिका-पृष्ठ संख्या-13 प्र॰सं॰-I-IV  कार्यपत्रिका-पृ॰सं॰-14 प्र॰सं॰-V
Computer Topics on MS. PowerPoint
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