Class 4 – Section D

Subject C/W Revision 
English Present Continuous Tense Ex.no.-B,C
Pg.no.-62 & 63
Discussed Ex.no.-B & C
Pg.no.-62 & 63
 हिंदी  पाठ-डरना कभी न जाना, कविता का भावार्थ, अनुस्वार तथा चन्द्रबिन्दु में अंतर   कविता याद कर सुनाया। 
Maths Word problems on Perimeter Chapter-15/Ex.no.-59 (Solve Q.no.-7,8,9 and 10 of Ex.no.-59) Solved Q.no.-11,12 and 13 of Ex.no.-59
Science Exit Test of Chapter-12
S.St. Explain Topic democratic government, Socialism & Constitution Memorize Chapter-21 & Cleared doubts
Computer Explained Mathematical functions and operators


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