Class 5 – Section B

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
S.St. Q./Ans. of Ch.no.-12 Learn Ch.no.-11 & 12 and Draw and label the figure of earthquake and Volcano
English Malu Bhalu (recitation & discussion) Pg.no.-175 Lets write (on notebook)
Arts & Crafts Draw and colour Pg.no.-13 in the notebook
Maths Discussed Ex.no.-59 Revise measurement of length, mass and capacity
Science Done Q.no.-5 (d,f) of Ch.no.-2 Make charts given in Pg.no.-20, 21 in the notebook
Personality Development Awakened Citizen programme
Hindi  पाठ-7 विशेषण लेखन कार्य  पाठ-7 विशेषण व कबाड़ से जुगाड़ याद करें।
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