Class 7 – Section A

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
Hindi  पाठ-1 (भाषा, लिपि और व्याकरण) लिखित व्याख्या  पाठ-1 पृष्ठ संख्या 10-11 का कॉपी में अभ्यास करें।
S.St. Explained Ch.no.-1 Write the answer of Q.no.-6,7 and 8 in rough notebook
Computer Conversion of decimal no. into binary no. and vice-versa Complete the C.W
Maths Self-Reading
Hindi (R/W) Revision of Previous class
English Pg.no.-13 (G) Pg.no.-14 (H)
Types of sentences with examples in the notebook
Science Neutralisation Neutralisation in everyday life