Class 7 – Section A

Subject C/W H/W T/W
Hindi  पाठ-7 (शह में मात) प्रश्नोत्तर लेखन  पाठ-7 शब्दार्थ व प्रश्नोत्तर याद करें।  पाठ-7 शह में मात
S.St. Explained Akbar Policies of Chapter-4 Do Q.no.-3 to 6 given on Pg.no.-58 of Chapter-4
Arts & Crafts Previous work Completion & Diwali Drawing
Maths (Substitution) Completed Chapter-4 of History done Map work of Chapter-4 Do Q.no.-7 to 9 in the notebook given on Pg.no.-58
Sanskrit  पाठ-6 व्याख्या एवं शब्दार्थ अभ्यास  शब्दार्थ याद करें।
English Bio sketch (How to write) sample given Write Bio sketch of Ruskin Bond Bio sketch
Science Light (15.1 & 15.2) Revise the C.W