Class 8 – Section C

Subject C/W Revision 
Physics Revision of Star & Solar system (Objectivity) Read the thorough Chapter
Biology Self Study
Maths Problems from Ex.no.-22.2 Do Ex.no.-22.2
English Revision of Chapter-1 in English Reader (The Best Christmas Present in the World)
Maths  Problems from Ex.no.-22.2 Do Ex.no.-22.2
Geography  Map Practical-World Revise the notes
Hindi   चित्र-वर्णन का प्रारूप समझाया गया।   वर्ग-कार्य को पूरा करें। 
Pol. Science Revision-Online test (Understanding Marginalization)
English Revision-Chapter-1 English Reader
Maths Revision-Maths Test


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