Class 9 – Section C

Subject C/W Revision 
English Completed Happy prince Speaking by reading the chapter
Maths Discussed (i) nature of roots (ii) sum and product of roots Do Ex.no.-4 (A)
Economic (Buffer stock) Revise the notes
Computer Lab : Scratch
 हिंदी   ई/ए/यी/ये प्रयोग   पुनरावृत्ति 
Physics Self study
Biology Explanation about Apiculture & discussion of Intext Questions Do Q.no.-1 from Pg.no.-208
Do Q.no.-1 from Pg.no.-209
Do Q.no.-1 from Pg.no.-210
Do Q.no.-1,2 from Pg.no.-211
Do Q.no.-1,2 from Pg.no.-213
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