Class 9 – Section C

Subject C/W Revision
English Worksheet Grammar Pg.no.-3 & 4 Read the Chapter
Maths Discussed Mid point theorem and its converse Complete 8 (A) and study mid point theorem
Geography — The Peninsular rivers
— The Narmada river Basin
Revise the notes
 हिंदी  हिंदी प्रश्न-पत्र प्रारूप पर चर्चा तथा संवाद लेखन  दो मित्रों की बीच आतंकवाद विषय पर संवाद लिखें।
Physics Online test of Maths
Physics Online test of Maths
Physics Revision-ISRO test Questions Discussed
Chemistry Revision-Compressibility factor Section-E/26-27,    En–2(19Q)/27