Originating in USA, basketball was first introduced in India in 1908. The YMCAs of Kolkata (then Calcutta) and Chennai (then Madras) played an important role in popularizing the game. Subsequently, this game was officially recognized by the Indian Olympic Association and National basketball championship was conducted for the first time in the history of Indian basketball in the year 1934 at Delhi.

The Basketball Federation of India was formed in the year 1950 at Mumbai and the First National Basketball Championship under the banner of Basketball Federation of India (BFI) was held at Ludhiana (Punjab) in 1951.

Two dedicated coaches train our day scholars and day boarders.

Some of the unique features we offer in the training of the sport are:

  • our coaches have been state/national level players
  • our coaches are all affiliated to their respective sport associations (state/ national) level
  • individual attention for technique correction
  • personal care and individual teaching
  • explanation of the game and its nuances
  • video recording of students playing the game and an analysis and discussion of the same with the student by the coach
  • video clips of world famous players and a discussion with the students on their techniques, styles, strategies among other such details
  • specially designed and crafted lesson plans for (i) beginners (ii) intermediate (iii) semi-advanced (iv) advanced players
  • concentration on the physical developments of various parts of the body relevant to the sport: example wrists, arms, thighs, calves among others.
  • warm-up exercises and other physical work out
  • specific report cards with detailed analysis for day boarders
  • opportunities to participate in inter-school and state organised games and tournaments
  • maximum participation ensured through cluster-wise selection of tournaments
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