Many Asian martial arts trace their origins to the fifth century and the supposed arrival of an Indian Buddhist monk, Bodhidarma, at the Shoalin temple in southern China. Finding the Chinese monks in poor physical condition, Bodhidarma developed a series of exercises for them which ultimately developed into a system of unarmed combat. It was in Japan that many of the techniques of karate were fine-tuned and therefore the martial art is linked to Japan.

Karate-do literally translated from the Japanese language is the way of the empty hand.

In the early days of the martial art, there were no schools, but rather the art was known by the areas which it was practiced in. Today however there are 4 major schools of karate-do, namely Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu recognized by various World Bodies.

Shotokan Karate in India was started more than 40 years ago with various instructors coming in with their own brand of Shotokan. However it was the advent of the JKA in India that brought the Original Shotokan to the forefront of Indian National Karate scene.

A dedicated coach trains our day scholars and day boarders.

Some of the unique features we offer in the training of the sport are:

  • our coaches have been state/national level players
  • our coaches are all affiliated to their respective sport associations (state/ national) level
  • individual attention for technique correction
  • personal care and individual teaching
  • explanation of the game and its nuances
  • video recording of students playing the game and an analysis and discussion of the same with the student by the coach
  • video clips of world famous players and a discussion with the students on their techniques, styles, strategies among other such details
  • specially designed and crafted lesson plans for (i) beginners (ii) intermediate (iii) semi-advanced (iv) advanced players
  • concentration on the physical developments of various parts of the body relevant to the sport: example wrists, arms, thighs, calves among others.
  • warm-up exercises and other physical work out
  • specific report cards with detailed analysis for day boarders
  • opportunities to participate in inter-school and state organised games and tournaments
  • maximum participation ensured through cluster-wise selection of tournaments
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