“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Our Literary Club particularly works with a deep-rooted value system as a backbone guideline- values of education, family, friendship, ethical and moral among others.

This club is designed to help students develop the ability to read fluently, write and creatively express their ideas, thoughts and emotions through various literary activities: discussions, debates, innovative writing, reading and a quest for going beyond the obvious mainstream.

At meetings, club members engage in lively discussions, plan roadmaps and chalk out ways and means of making their quarterly newsletter more engaging and entertaining. A major challenge the club members work towards is ‘getting all other students to read’ and getting them hooked off the ‘idiot box’.

To this end, the club gets all students of the school involved in sessions like poetry and creative writing competition among other such meaningful and engaging activities to hone the literary skills of its members and non-members at large.

Special training is provided to bring out the communication and eloquence skills of the students. TGS aims to introduce our young readers to the vast world of English Literature. Our purpose is to create an interest in reading and understanding the aesthetic and moral beauty of literature.

At the heart of the club’s purpose lies the core aim to promote the learning and adequate use of the English Language in everyday life. This international language of communication, globally and nationally, provides immense opportunities for growth and development for one and all.

Through the activities of the Literary Club we also realise that the learning of English arises from the realisation that it can provide greater scope for job opportunities within and outside the country and proficiency in English helps the child remain tuned to developments in all fields of knowledge.

Some of the activities suggested include “let’s act sessions” that will enable the members to comprehend, predict and express ideas, “let us make a doll”, “interview”, letter writing, preparing advertisements, “play with words”, bulleting, book and film review and a manuscript magazine.

These are designed to develop vocabulary, fluency in the language, familiarise learners with linguistic expressions, to develop linguistic competence, sharpen creativity and trigger logical thinking.

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