Plato rightly said, “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Perhaps owing to this universal language of music, our club is the most popular one of the school. The main aim or objective is to spot musical talents in the school and to nurture them. Selected students are exposed to advance training in various forms and aspects of ‘music as a subject’. At present the music club offers training in four disciplines: vocals, guitar, keyboard and drums.

Vocal- Students of vocal music are taught the grammar and technique of signing different genres of music by experienced music teachers of the school.

Guitar- This is a hugely popular, modern western instrument which finds its place in various forms of music. Students learn different styles of playing the instrument from an experienced guitar trainer.

Keyboard- One of the most versatile music instruments around, the keyboard emulates the sounds of various instruments. A variety of paying styles are taught by a specialised keyboard trainer. Drum trainer.

Drums- This is one of the most popular rhythm instruments in the world. Students who are interested in learning the drums are taught with much care by an experienced drum trainer.

With the passage of time, members of the music club may scale new heights and actualise their innate musical abilities. However, it is important to note that music is a tough domain. It takes years of rigorous practice to acquire appreciable skills and expertise in the field. It is desirable that the student members of this club have their own instruments and practise the lessons for at least one hour daily to make considerable progress in their respective areas.

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