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4 Best Hobby Clubs for Your Kids in Patna

School life keeps your children busy in studies and exams. Following up with classroom notes, practical lab hours, and homework can leave your kids stressed and burnt out. It’s important for them to balance it out with fun, yet productive activities. It helps them learn things faster, apply their knowledge to the practical world, and grow into being more successful and smarter individuals. It’s important to put your children in the right school where they find the balance of both learning and having fun while doing it.

There are only a few good schools in Patna where extra-curricular activities are given much attention or are planned well. Here are some interesting clubs at Trinity Global School:

Music Classes:

According to studies, learning music at a young age helps in better brain development. People who studied music during their childhood tend to be more successful in life.


The music classes at TGS are equipped with the best musical equipment for your children to learn music, learn how to play instruments, and de-stress throughout the process.

Art & Craft:

The arts and craft help children to appreciate numeracy. Art is not just about emotions and colors. It’s also about solving patterns and solving problems. The art and hobby classes at TGS have experienced trainers who are well-versed with how to teach students to look at things from a different perspective.

Nature Club:

Joining a Nature Club has its own perks. It improves your kid’s classroom behavior, increased enthusiasm to learn, and better scores in exams. It also is beneficial for students with ADHD. The Nature Club at Trinity Global School helps your students learn about nature from closely and with safety. Planned with outdoor fun activities, it’s one of the best ways to go outdoors and get along with other students.

Science Club:

What best way to experiment with things learned in the Science classroom than practicing it in Science Club. This club lets students experiment with theories taught by their teacher under supervision. This is a great medium to help them apply knowledge from books into the practical world.


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