Board of Governors


Mr. Madhusudan Prasad – Chairman, Trinity Global School

Madhusudan Prasad an eminent member of the society is a science graduate, hailing from a farmer’s family. He has played a very positive and constructive role in uplifting the surroundings by the way of educational establishments in his premise .
He firmly believes in the saying “The main hope of nation lies in proper education of its youth”.

Mr. Amit Prakash Co- Chairman, Trinity Global School

Mr. Amit Prakash, who is an MA in Economics from Delhi University, believes in what Sydney J. Harris once said – The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. And he should know it, being the founder of one of the best schools in the state – Litera Valley Zee School.
He has always believed in providing students with exemplary instruction designed to educate the whole child so that s/he may become a productive member of the community.

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