Class 3 – Section C

Subject C/W H/W
 Hindi  पाठ-11 वाचन अभ्यास  पाठ-11 दो बार बोल-बोलकर पढ़ें।
EVS Explained Pg.no.-94 and 95 of Chapter-14
New words underlined in Book
Draw the picture of compass in the notebook
Arts & Crafts Draw and colour a vegetable basket in the notebook
Maths Ex.no.-37, Q.no.-1 to 5 (In the notebook) Do Ex.no.-37, Q.no.-6 to 10 (In the notebook)
Reading Time English Reader The Trains
English Trains-Q./Ans. Fill in the blanks done in the notebook Read the learn “Trains”
Hindi Reading  बल्ब जला
Computer MS-Word 2010 Introduction