Class 3 – Section C

Subject C/W H/W
Hindi  वर्ग जाँच परीक्षा
EVS Completion of pending work Read Chapter-12
Hindi Writing  श्रुतलेख  पाठ-8 से एक पृष्ठ सुलेख लिखें।
Maths Oral Table Test Ex.no.-30, Q.no.-26 to 35
Write all the questions of Ex.no.-31(with 12 lines space for each answer)
EVS Chapter-10
English Grammar Preposition Pg.no.-69-70, 71 Read and learn Preposition Chapter-25
Do Ex.no.-E of Pg.no.-72
English Cursive writing Write a short paragraph on My Favourite Subject
Game Basketball, Football & Swimming (girls)