Class 4 – Section B

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W H/W
Maths Explained Ch.no.-15, Perimeter Solve Q.no.-1,2,5,6 of Ex.no.-59
Hindi  चतुर चरवाहा-पाठ-14  कठिन शब्दों को कॉपी में लिखें।
S.St. Ch.no.-21 introduced Learn Ex.-D of Ch.no.-20
Mental Maths Explained Q.Bag 2 of Ch.no.-15 Solve Q.bag-2 of Ch.no.-15
Mental Maths Board Practice of Ch.no.-15
English Read Pinocchio and exercises discussed Write difficult words in the notebook
Science Star ted Ch.no.-12 Revise the C.W.
Admission Open for 2019-2020Download Brochure