Class 5 – Section B

Subject C/W H/W
Science Discussed Chapter-11 Draw fig.-11.1 (Pg.no.-108) in the notebook
Hindi  पाठ-13 एक थी बूँद  पाठ-13 कठिन शब्द और शब्दार्थ याद करें।
Computer Explained Chapter-6 and 7 Pg.no.-74, Check point, Pg.no.-83 and 84 Chapter-7 challenge zone-Q.no.-A,B,C
Personality Development Time Management
English Explanation of ‘Who Will be Ningthou” Write the difficult words, read the lesson
Maths Perimeter of rectilinear figures Solve Q.no.-1 to 4 of Ex.no.-77
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