Class 5 – Section D

Updates of the Day

Subject C/W Revision
Hindi  पाठ-13 एक थी बूँद (पठन अभ्यास)
S.St. Ch.no.-18 Governing Ourselves Continued
English Recap of lesson Explanation Q./Ans. 5 nos. Reading/Learning 3 Q./Ans.
English (Reading) Lady man & the coconut tree
Maths Ch.no.-22, Perimeters of Rectilinear Figures
(i) Rectilinear Shapes
(ii) Triangles
Solved Q.no.-1 (ac), Q.no.-2 (ac), Q.no.-3, 5 and 6 of Ex.no.-77, Pg.no.-282
Science Sense organ

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