. Class 7 – Section D


 Time-Table During UT-I Exam Days
GradeDateDay06:40 AM
06:55 AM
07:00 AM
09:00 AM
09:00 AM
09:10 AM
09:10 AM
09:40 AM
09:40 AM
10:40 AM
I – IX06-May-22FridayUT-I ExamBack to ClassFood BreakMaths Practice
I – IX09-May-22MondayUT-I ExamMaths Practice
I – IX11-May-22WednesdayUT-I ExamMaths Practice
III-IX16-May-22MondayUT-I ExamMaths Practice
IV – IX19-May-22ThursdayUT-I ExamMaths Practice


 Timetable of VII D on CBSE Exam Days 
DateDay1st2nd3rd08:00 AM
08:45 AM
08:45 AM
09:00 AM
4th5th10:40 AMClass
06:30 AM
07:00 AM
07:00 AM
07:30 AM
07:30 AM
08:00 AM
09:00 AM
09:50 AM
09:50 AM
10:40 AM
02-May-22MondayHindi Prep for ExamBasic MathsHindi Prep for ExamFood breakFood breakMaths PracticeFood breakVII-D
04-May-22WednesdayHindi Prep for ExamBasic MathsHindi Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
05-May-22ThursdayHindi Prep for ExamBasic MathsHindi Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
07-May-22SaturdaySST Prep for ExamBasic MathsSST Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
10-May-22TuesdayEnglish Prep for ExamBasic MathsEnglish Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
12-May-22ThursdayMaths  Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
13-May-22FridayMaths  Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
14-May-22SaturdayMaths  Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
17-May-22TuesdayScience  Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D
18-May-22WednesdayScience  Prep for ExamMaths PracticeVII-D



1st2nd3rd4th5th6thSelf StudyCreative TimeRevision 1Revision 2Revision 3
Days06:50 AM
07:25 AM
07:30 AM
08:05 AM
08:10 AM
08:40 AM
08:45 AM
09:20 AM
09:25 AM
10:00 AM
10:05 AM
10:40 AM
10:45 AM
11:20 AM
11:35 AM
12:05 PM
12:05 PM
01:00 PM
02:05 PM
02:35 PM
02:40 PM
03:10 PM
03:15 PM
04:15 PM
MondayHindiMathsBREAKFASTArt & CraftScienceMaths PractiseEnglishSelf StudyBook Read in ClassroomEnglish ActivitiesMaths Practice on BoardCommon HW
TuesdayScienceMathsComputersSSTMaths PractiseEnglishSelf StudyBook Review in ClassroomMaths Practice on BoardScience ActivitiesCommon HW
WednesdayHindiMathsComputersSSTMaths PractiseEnglishSelf StudyQuiz in ClassroomEnglish ActivitiesSST ActivitiesCommon HW
ThursdayHindiMathsScienceSSTMaths PractiseEnglishSelf StudyArt & Craft/Music/
Maths Practice on BoardSST ActivitiesCommon HW
FridayHindiMathsSSKScienceMaths PractiseEnglishSelf StudyDebate or Public SpeakingEnglish ActivitiesScience ActivitiesCommon HW
SaturdayEnglish and Maths Weekly Test
(06:25 AM to 08:05 AM)
Writing Practise of News paper Articles
(08:40 AM to 09:40 AM)
(09:40 AM
10:40 AM)



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