Class 7 – Section A

Subject C/W H.W T.C.W
Hindi   पाठ-7 (शह में मात) पुनरावृत्ति अभ्यास   पाठ-11 कविता का (यह है भारत देश हमारा) शब्दार्थ व प्रश्नोत्तर   व्याकरण विशेषण 
S.St. (History) Done the Q./Ans. of Chapter-6 Complete your notebook till Chapter-6
Bring Geo. book and copy from tomorrow
Library Reading Books
Maths Profit & Loss Ex.no.-12.1 Q.no.-9 to 12 of Ex.no.-12.1
English Extra Questions Revise Grammar work done in the previous class
 Science Online test of respiration in animals


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