Class 8 – Section C

Subject C/W Revision
Physics Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune-Study of features Make short notes & do yellow box Pg.no.-229
Biology Explanation about ‘Sex determination in Human’ Go through CW
Maths Vol. & S.A. of  a cylinder Do Ex.no.-22.1
English Reported speech rules given Learn the rules
Maths Vol. & S.A. of  a rt. Circular cylinder Do Ex.no.-22.1
Geography Population change-(Factors) Revise the notes
Hindi  पाठ-18 का शब्दार्थ पूछा गया।  पाठ-18 की तैयारी online test के लिए करें।
Pol. Science (Substitution) Revision-Work on orbital & equatorial plane of earth
English Revision-Reported speech Questions given to solve Answers we are discussed
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