Co-curricular activities stimulate the learning experience of students, providing them an opportunity to explore their creative thought process, express their innovative ideas and develop their inner talents.

School Clubs are important as they lay the foundation to develop character and skills required in an individual’s career and life.

With this in mind we at TGS endeavor to provide our students the required platform for them to grow into capable and successful individuals.

Literary Club

A club designed to aid students develop the ability to read fluently and write innovatively thereby enhancing their vocabulary and fluency in the language thus developing linguistic competence.ME (My Expression) our in-house school magazine is the brainchild of this club.

Public Speaking Club

This club aims at boosting the confidence of the students by engaging them in activities like debate, elocutions, speeches and plays which empowers them to overcome their fears, builds their self-esteem, enhances their listening & communication skills.

Music Club

Music is a universal language and hence it comes as no surprise that this is the most popular club of the school. Identifying, nurturing talent and exposing select talent to advance training to scale new heights accompanied by regular practice is the procedure adopted.

Art and Craft Club

Exposure to various artistic skills like sketching, painting, clay work, paper projects, glass painting and more aid in building an impressive range of artistic skills. This club encourages risk free exploration and the freedom of expression.

Nature Club

A club dedicated to enhance awareness of environmental issues and instill conservation, protection and restoration values through empowering students and educating them on the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Coders Club

Catch them young! In this digital age grasping programming concepts earlier on, provides one with a competitive edge. This club encourages students to learn and understand programming the fun way thus exposing them to technology around them.

Photography Club

A picture is worth a thousand words, thus capturing the right moment to create everlasting memories, using the correct technique and skill results in visual literacy. This club creates awareness with respect to the importance of sensory connection and develops new levels of interest and attention.

Quiz Club

A club created to offer a unique and exciting channel for exercising our students’ grey cells, thus improving and expanding their quest for knowledge. Quizzing activities leads to enlightenment and creation of smart citizens.