The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Facilities offered by the best boarding school in Patna

Every parent is aware of the growing challenges and competitions in the field of education whether your child wants to become a doctor or an engineer. Thus, it is extremely important to give your child the best possible start with a good school. Patna has evolved as an important hub for education, thanks to the schools like the Trinity Global School.

Choose your preferred schooling option

It allows the luxury to the parents to choose between the option of day school and residential school. The option of extended day schools offers another great option especially for the children with their residence close to Patna. It allows children to enjoy all the benefits of a boarding school and spend weekends with their family.

Let your child explore his talent with world class sports facilities

Every child is special and shares different interests. The talents of your child may never be revealed until he gets the platform to showcase them. Trinity Global School gives you child an excellent platform to explore his talent with world class sporting facilities including volleyball, swimming, basketball, football, karate, roller skating, tennis, badminton and table tennis. TGS is one of the School In Patna Bihar and boarding school in Patna with top-notch sports facilities.

Extracurricular activities go beyond

The extracurricular activities are not just restricted to sports activities. There are exclusive clubs for art and craft, music, literary club, public speaking, dramatics and more to promote the development of special skills in your child. Your child grows and develops under the supervision of talented mentors in the best boarding school in Patna. They bring out the hidden talents of your little star and make them reach the top of their talent.

Learn from the intellectual teachers and mentors

With all the extracurricular activities, the prime focus is always on providing the high-quality education to your child. The classrooms have all the resources to let your child grasp and learn everything with minimum ease and lesser time. It has smart classes with advance learning aids such as projectors, special labs etc to make learning simple.

Trinity Global School offers a safe and secure environment for your child to learn in the best boarding school in Patna.

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