Grade 8 with JEE & NEET Foundation

Key to success for any competition is 

  • Discipline in your efforts. 
  • Early start 
  • Thoughtful planning with proper guidance

This is the essence of the Integrated Course at TGS for JEE and NEET that starts from Grade 8 onwards. TGS brings a complete solution for JEE & NEET aspirants through a teaching methodology that includes:

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    Student Centric Course Plan

    Course structured and paced as per the merit of the students

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    Mentorship for each Students

    Mentor associated with each subject. Each mentor has maximum of 30 students associated with them of their respective subjects

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    Daily Assignments

    Daily assignment ensures retention of the learning. To ensure this is done seriously by each student, the daily assignments are monitored/corrected on daily basis followed with discussion in the next class.

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    Weekly and Periodic Assessment

    Weekly assessment helps recollection of the entire weeks learning. Along with the weekly assessment there are periodic test similar to the patterns of the competitive test. The tests are conducted online as well as offline in pen and paper.

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    Continuous Presence of the Core Teachers

    Continuous presence of the Core teachers helps student to clear their doubt real time and in person.

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    Regular Parent Teachers Meeting

    Regular parent teacher meeting ensures transparency of the student’s performance. This also helps close partnership between parents and school.

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    In House Exhaustive Online Question Bank

    TGS have built an exhaustive online question bank and the question banks are regularly updated. This ensures adequate practise of question solving by each student. (One of the critical differentiators in getting a good rank in any competitive exams).

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    A well-balanced course plan of CBSE syllabus and competitive exam

    The course plan ensures optimum blending of CBSE syllabus with the competitive exams. This results in enormous time saving for students.

Benefits of Integrated Courses – Hear it from our Students !

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the foundation course is open to Grade 9 students as well.

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