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How to select the Best CBSE school for your child?

It is admission season and the top priority for parents is to ensure they select a school that provides their child with quality education that lays a strong foundation for their child’s future and aids them in becoming independent individuals.

There are a number of schools that have come up in the recent years but how does one zero down on a school that this best suited for your child? Well, here are a few tips that help you choose the best CBSE school in Patna for your child.

Factors to consider:

Activities and Curriculum: Apart from academics it is important to know what the school offers when it comes to extra curricular activities. This is significant, as such activities help the overall development of the child and helps in their complete academic growth.

Environment and Infrastructure: Ensure that the facilities and environment are of good standard and that proper hygiene and cleanliness is followed. If required request for a tour of the school to understand the environment.

Ratio of Teachers: This is a crucial point as an appropriate student teacher ratio will ensure the required attention is provided to the students.

Teaching Methods: It is necessary to adapt and constantly come up with innovative ideas to impart knowledge such that the students are engaged and look forward to learning something new. Hence it is vital to know the teaching methods the school adopts.

Fees: The fee structure is something one needs to carefully consider. Apart from being within the budget, it is important that the money spent on education is having its desired benefit. High fees do not equate to better education.

Distance: Distance plays a role when one has to consider if the child can handle long journeys. Also incase of emergencies what is the protocol to be followed. If the school of your choice is far from the residence look for schools that has a safe and reliable transport system.

Events: School events where the parents are involved or invited is a good place to gauge the atmosphere of the school. Hence a school that has events which are open to parents comes across as transparent and open to engaging parents.

Safety: A crucial aspect in terms of the measures taken by the school to ensure the safety of the child, as the child does spend a good amount of his/her time in school. The school should be like a second home to the child where the child is comfortable.

Research by Parents

When it is time to shortlist a school for your child, it is prudent to do some ground work. Research the schools you have chosen, ask for feedback. This can be done in the below ways:

  • Speaking to students who have studied in the school or currently studying in the school
  • Seek the opinion of parents/guardians (of students studying in the school)
  • Reputation of the School
  • Activities/Events/Curricular of the school
  • Parent involvement
  • Values/Ethics followed by the school
  • Safety Standards


While applying to schools, ensure you seek more that one that is suitable for your child. Bear in mind the timelines or admission end dates as well as the documents that are required for submission. If required follow up with the schools to which you have applied for a revert.

The top schools in Patna will begin Admissions shortly and the above points will help you select the best CBSE school in Patna for your child that provides the best education in a safe and friendly environment.


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