IIT-JEE & NEET Integrated Course

TGS Integrated Course for IITJEE/NEET and CBSE XI/XII

An Overview

TGS Integrated course is an effort to help student get good rank in either of the competitive exams (IITJEE/NEET) & CBSE Board Exam.

With this objective, At TGS, the first thing that was done was formation of a team of experienced and dedicated teachers. These teachers have been hand-picked. (Teachers Profile Attached)

How we teach and guide our students at TGS in the integrated course has been explained by answering the question below.

How do I get a good rank in IITJEE / NEET & good marks in Board

The answer to above question lies in knowing three things.

  1. A) What to Study?
  2. B) How to plan the study?
  3. C) How do I measure my learning on a periodic manner to ensure I am on the right track?

Answer to “A”, what to study is very simple and lies in the syllabus.

Answer to “B” and “C” needs planning and right inputs from people who have either been successful or have been guide (Teachers) to the successful students.

The preparation of IITJEE and NEET can be explained as four stage preparation.

Stage 1: Grade VIII

Stage 2: Grade IX

Stage 3: Grade X

Stage 4: Grade XI and Grade XII

We will now elaborate stage wise.

Stage 1: Grade VIII (Focus will be on Mathematics)

Mathematics: The most important for both IITJEE and NEET. Sound foundation of Mathematics ensures good understanding of all the science subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students should practice Algebra and Mensuration a lot and if they are able to practice and complete Algebra and Mensuration till Grade X in Grade VIII, they have the advantage of understanding Physics and Chemistry with a lot of ease.  In mathematics they should also get a basic understanding of Vector and Calculus to help them in having a good start in Physics.

Physics: Students should practice a lot of questions on” Motion in Straight Line” (Including Graphical Treatment) and “Projectile Motion”. The important tool for both these topics are Vector and Calculus.

Chemistry: The focus should be to develop ability to write the “Chemical Reaction”. Language of Chemistry is a good book to master the ability. It helps students develop interest in learning Chemistry through understanding and not by memorizing. This makes a huge difference later on.

Biology: Here NCERT book is good and it should be thoroughly done.

Stage 2: Grade IX (After a strong foundation in Grade VIII, now the students should try to familiarize themselves with Grade XI fundamental topics.

Physics: In Physics student should solve Numerical Based Questions of Newton’s Law (including friction and Circular motion), Work and Energy, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave Motion of String as well as Sound and basics of Heat (Thermometry, Calorimetry, Conduction and Radiation). The students should solve a lot of numerical questions to have a firm understanding of the topics. An endeavor should be to solve approximately 1200 questions on above topics in the year.

Chemistry: Topics to be covered in Chemistry are Basic Inorganic Nomenclature, Matter, Structure of atom, Mole Concept, Equivalent Concept, Redox reaction, Study of Gas Law. Emphasis should be on Physical Chemistry through which a student can quantitively relate the chemical changes taking around them. This helps make the basics very strong.

Biology: The topics to be covered in Biology will be, Cell Biology, Tissue, Microorganisms, Diversity of Living Organisms

Mathematics: In Mathematics the objective should be to finish Geometry of IX and Xth followed by entire syllabus of Xth.

Stage 3 (Grade X): (Primary Focus should be the Xth Board Exam)

There should be a good and intelligent balance between the ongoing preparation of competitive examination and upcoming Board Exams. Experience of our team suggests that, in the beginning of the session a student should complete her/his science portions.

Mathematics already has been completed in Grade IX. The summer vacation should be utilized to practice questions of Mathematics as much as possible and also the science subjects. Solving the questions will also help in clearing doubts.

This will ensure there is no last-minute pressure of Board exams. Once the syllabus of Board is completed then from summer vacation time the students can again start their studies for the competitive exams. The topics that can be covered are

Physics: Coulomb’s law, Field and potential, Gauss’s law, Capacitor, Basics of Current electricity, Kirchhoff’s laws, Electrical measuring instrument, Magnetic field calculation using Biot-Savart law and Ampere’s law, Behavior of moving charge in magnetic field (force and torque), Reflection, Refraction and Inference of light.

Chemistry: Chemical Reactions & Equations, Periodic Table, Acids, Bases and Salt, Metals & Non-Metals, Chemical Bonding, Carbon & Its Compound. This way a student is introduced to Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

Biology: Nutrition, Respiration, Transportation, Excretion, Control & Coordination, Reproduction, Heredity & Evolution, Ecology & Adaptation

From December onwards, a student should periodically take practice test of three hours on all the subjects on the patterns of Boards exams. Our experienced teachers recommend a student should take minimum of “Seven” test of each subject. Test should be taken from 10.30 am to 1.30 PM, the time when the CBSE Board exams are conducted. This helps a lot.

Stage 4: In this stage the simple strategy should be to finish the entire syllabus of the competitive test in Grade XI itself and then it should be only Practice (solving questions) and Doubt Clearing followed by Practice

IITJEE: With the strong foundation, the student ideally starts enjoying the learning. They get hungry to get more and more of learning. This natural hunger will help them get the rank. Few key points here

  • Take a break of maximum 15 days after Xth Board Exams and start with a new vigor
  • Reflect Back on the portions done and the portions left.
  • Focus on the syllabus that has not been yet done and to be in touch with the ones that has already been covered, enroll in any one of the trusted online test series.

NEET: Apart from the above key points, few specifics about NEET preparation,

  • NCERT should be the base and main book for both Chemistry and Biology
  • Chemistry is generally a high scoring subject in NEET. Here again NCERT Book should be done very sincerely.

Nutshell, first get the basics right and then it should be three PPP’s. Practice, Practice and Practice.

At TGS, we follow the above to ensure that our students get a good rank in the competitive exams as well as they get good score in X and XIIth board exams.

For the students who take admission in XIth, there is a rigorous three month foundation course to brush up their basics.

Now, let us answer, how do I measure my learning on a periodic manner to ensure I am on the right track?

  • AT TGS, we have our own Online Test facility. The test is conducted on similar patterns of the competitive competition (IITJEE/NEET). The results are immediately shared with the students and analyzed.
  • Students get daily assignments and the assignments completion are checked and monitored. This is unique feature as very few institutes at this level has this regular correction of assignments of students. This helps teacher know the progress of each child.
  • Regular PTM’s are conducted to keep parent updated on the progress
  • We also take one online test series of third party to fairly Judge the progress of our child.

At TGS, teachers know each child and the curriculum is catered and tailored to the needs of the individual.

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