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Prayaas – An Endeavour – Annual Day, 2018

Annual Day Celebrations – that time of the year when co-curricular activities take the driver’s seat. That time of the year when passions are ignited, hidden talents are discovered and dormant interests are awakened and renewed. Trinity Global School also celebrated its Annual Fest, Prayaas – An Endeavour in seven segments from 23rd February to 25th February. The endeavour was to ensure maximum participation of our students, create fond memories of School Admission Patna.

The first segment on the 23rd February was ruled be the tiny tots of the Mont 1,2 and 3. They tried to show different elements of social behaviour in a very rhythmic way. They started the show with a beautiful prayer dance, which was followed by the ceremonial lamp lighting. The little ones brought the colours alive with their Colour Song and Nature Song which ensures spreading good feeling to make day-to-day routine more pleasant. A little bit of kindness goes a long way and if we join hands and be together in everything, then no force can stop us. That was the message highlighted in the Kindness Song and the Togetherness Song. They ended with an ode to the stars and the moon in their Night Song and followed it with the Thank you Song. The unique point of this segment was its high cuteness quotient.

The second segment in the afternoon of the 23rd was owned by the First Graders. Our country India is a land of diversities. Every state of India has its unique language, culture, cuisine, dress forms, religious beliefs, and traditions, along with geographical diversities. Yet, despite all these differences and diversities we live and co-exist as one. We take immense pride in our identity as Indians. The children of Grade I portrayed this diversity in their Annual Day skit in the form of “Little India Society” – a housing society where people from different regions of India live in peace and harmony. They presented nine folk dances as a part of the society’s Silver Jubilee celebrations. They truly scorched the stage with their foot tapping music and moves.

The evening of the 23rd was reserved for the Second Graders who chose to highlight the plight of our planet Earth along with its myriad flora and fauna. The English play “The Giving Tree”, and the following dance on the song “Na Kaato Mujhe” touched the pertinent issue of deforestation. The Hindi play was all about water conservation. Water, if taken for granted will become a commodity so precious and rare by the year 2050 that it could lead to dire consequences.  It is really heartening to see our young ones growing up with such consciousness and awareness. Theirs was a performance which set people thinking.

On 24th morning the Third Graders had the audience in raptures with an English play based on the popular story “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” and a Hindi play based on the value of education in one’s life. They also put up two mesmerizing dance performance – a Ghoomar and Itni si hasi along with the evergreen song “Jamaica Farewell”.

The fifth segment on the 24th afternoon belonged to Grade 4. The invocatory Ganesha Dance was delightful. The English play was on the topic “Mobile phone – a boon or a bane”. Well, that was definitely food for thought, because for a vast majority of people including children, it has become an addiction! The C.B.S.E School In Patna play on Swachch Bharat just goes on to prove the high level of environmental consciousness prevailing in their young minds. They also presented two lively dance performances – a Bhangra and a medley set to Michael Jackson songs with Indian retro.

The sixth segment on the 24th evening saw the students of Grades 5 and 6 enthrall the audience with a German song, a solo drums recital and the evergreen son g “We are the world”  They also presented an English play that was an amalgamation of two of the most important social movements in today’s time-female emancipation and ecological preservation. The Hindi play “Prakriti aur hum” was definitely a thought provoking performance. The Shadow Dance performed by them was scintillating for its execution.

The final and the seventh segment on 25th February, was put together by the students of Grade 7,8 and 9. They presented a superbly choreographed dance on Ganesha. The English play was one of the best comedies written by the greatest playwright English Literature has ever produced – William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. It incorporates the themes of friendship and enemity. In the long run, love and goodwill prevail over malice and cruelty. Another delightful item was the Hindi play based on Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince. The students also enthralled the audience with three evergreen English songs.

The Annual Report of the academic year 2017-2018 was presented by the senior students Divyanshu, Sudhanshu, Bhaskar, Aditya, Md. Danish, Prabhat, and Suhana of Grade 9. The Vote of Thanks was given by the Principal, Ms. Geetanjali Trehun. In a nutshell, Prayaas – An Endeavour was a resounding success, made possible only due to the indefatigable energy of the students, teachers and the support staff of Best School In Patna City

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