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Top Ways You Can Help Your Child Be a Confident Learner

Confidence is a powerful tool that can help your child succeed in school and life. If you want to see your children grow up with an attitude of confidence, then there are some steps one could take as a parent. These tips are also followed by the School Admission In Patna, to help provide students with the tools they require to be confident learners, to explore their curiosity without the fear of failure.

Who is a confident learner?

Confident learners are resilient and have a positive outlook towards life. They recognize their strengths, yet they acknowledge their weaknesses in order to improve them.

They take risks that help them grow as individuals – Confident learners are aware that mistakes do take place and things are not always perfect. The key is to learn from those mistakes and keep on improvising. They never give up at any stage of their lives.

They utilize their time to work – Confident learners understand that they have to put in a lot of effort and time to reach their goal. In the end, all their hard work pays off as everything one does acts as a stepping stone towards success and happiness.

A confident learner will always encourage others to give their best – Confident learners are not always the smartest or best at everything, but they know how to keep a positive attitude and improve or work on things they are not well versed to gain the required knowledge.

Belief in oneself – They believe in themselves even if nobody else does. They never give up because of setbacks and challenges that come their way. Instead, they face them with zeal.

Ways You Can Help Your Child Be a Confident Learn

These are the methods followed by top ranked schools in Patna, to help their students become confident learners. 

 Self-confidence is important Talk about accomplishments and share what they are good at. Address things that challenge or scare them. This will enable them to know that feelings of uncertainty do come up at times, it is normal and not something to be afraid of. 

Ask questions:  Ensure that students are aware about the importance of asking questions when they come across something new. Asking questions should help them gain understanding and not a sense of uncertainty. 

Talk about mistakes – Mistakes are not always a bad thing, it should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and provide a valuable experience in the process. To develop confident learners, one should talk about how to avoid mistakes going forward or how to have the same corrected.  

 Avoid getting angry due to mistakes – Especially, when the mistake has happened for the first time. We need to bear in mind that we all make mistakes. It is important for students to know that when they do the same, we are here to support them and not put them in an uncomfortable situation.

Initiate conversations: Engage the students in conversations regarding what they have learned recently. In order to converse both parties need to be confident and hence students are encouraged to carry on the discussion thus building their confidence.

Indulge in stories: Tell interesting stories about brave and courageous personalities. Share stories of people who overcame adversity to achieve their goals.

Encourage them to try new things – Create opportunities for students to try something new which they may or may not be confident about. Once the task is accomplished, provide praise where required.

Give space for them to fail: Don’t pressure your children to be confident and perfect at all times. Encourage them to make mistakes and learn from their failures

These are just some of the practices followed by Trinity Global School, considered to be among the best schools in Patna, to make their students confident learners! Whether it’s understanding what motivates them, reducing anxiety, getting rid of perfectionism, teaching emotional intelligence skills, or using positive reinforcement – these strategies will have an impact on their confidence levels as learners. 

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