Integrated PCM (JEE + CBSE Board)

Key to success for any competition is discipline in your efforts. TGS helps student to bring discipline in their studies. At TGS we ensure each and every minute of the student is productively utilized.

With experienced and well-renowned experts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths who have years of experience in teaching students preparing for Board Examinations and JEE along-with the mentoring of each student, TGS brings a complete solution for JEE aspirants. The teaching methodology includes:

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    Student Centric Course Plan

    Course structured and paced as per the merit of the Students.

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    Mentorship for each Students

    Mentor associated with each subject. Each mentor has maximum of 30 students associated with them of their respective subjects.

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    Excellent Mix of Offline and Online Curriculum

    The well-researched course material by Team Competishun in our online classes ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, ample practice tests, on different topics, covering all the test areas. The respective mentors ensure each online class are discussed offline along-with assignment work.   

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    Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)

    Daily Practice Problems will be categorized as Foundation, Intermediate and according to the difficulty level of the questions and will serve as a tool for the student to evaluate performance over a period of time and improve accordingly. These DPPs are corrected by the mentors on the same day.

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    Study Material (Books, Sheets/Modules)

    The modules and sheets are prepared by the expert faculty to help you pace your preparation and will help you to develop competence in each test area and guide you to plan out your preparation.

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    Periodic Tests

    Periodic Tests are designed, and conducted, to help you build concepts, prepare strategies, identify weaknesses, and take steps to eliminate them. Through the practice provided, they will help students develop accuracy and speed for the exam.

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    Doubt Support

    Students will also have access to regular Doubt Solving Sessions. They can ask their subject related doubts in these sessions. If a student is weak in a particular area, then the faculty will also provide extended support to help her/him. Teachers are accessible to students through-out in the campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best team of teachers from Kota, that means well defined and up to date process of teaching (Course structure/assignment and periodic & regular assessment) ably supported by a group of equally experienced and passionate teachers at TGS.
  • A defined process to ensure that students are understanding the concepts and completing the assignments.
  • Every 30 students will have a mentor teacher apart from the Kota Team for each subject.
  • Immediately after Board exams.
  • For the students who are already with TGS, the class never stops. After a very short break post CBSE board exam, the students get on with their preparation of JEE.
  • This facility is also available for the students who are newly enrolled at TGS.

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