Taking part in any form of regular physical activity helps to release natural, feel good, happy hormones and endorphins. This in turn, can help reduce depression, anxiety, stress and improves overall mood and sleep pattern.

Sports inculcates qualities of leadership, fair play and sportsmanship.

At TGS we firmly believe in the holistic growth of the child and hence we have two dedicated coaches – state/national players, affiliated to their respective sport associations (state/ national) level, to train our day scholars and day boarders. Individual teaching, specially designed lesson plans and report cards are among the unique features.




A sport that involves teamwork, coordination and strategy. Engaging in this sport improves endurance, reflexes and overall physical health.

Table Tennis

A sport that enhances mental alertness and muscular reflexes. The movements associated in this sport develops core muscles and agility of the wrists.


For the water lovers, swimming aids cardiovascular health, strengthens lung capacity and improves digestion. Due to all the active movements involved in swimming one develops flexibility, body balance and builds muscle.

Roller Skating

A fun and playful sport which provides a social outlet. This sport boosts brain development and improves balance, coordination, joint flexibility and weight management.


A sport that not only improves one’s game but also augments mental agility. Strengthening of bones, hand eye coordination and improving muscle strength are some of the benefits derived.


Playing football involves cooperation, focus, discipline and teamwork. Engaging in this sport develops self-esteem, social skills and inculcates time management.


One of the most sought-after sport which develops gross & fine motor skills, increases balance & coordination and improves hand-eye coordination. Apart from building endurance and stamina, this sport is responsible for physical and mental fitness.

Lawn Tennis

A sport that guarantees flexibility due to the wide range of body movements involved. In addition, it improves speed, agility, motor coordination and boosts brain power as creative planning and tactical thinking is required.


Focus and mental toughness are the key results of Archery. Apart from these, improving upper body muscles, hand-eye coordination, boosting self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment are the benefits attained.


A swift sport that enhances reflexes and reaction time. Engaging in this sport develops agility, stamina, coordination and improves overall muscular strength and social interaction.


An excellent indoor sport to hone hand eye coordination, improve body balance and tone muscles. Problem solving, concentration and improvement of attention span are some of the skills attained.


A sport that stimulates brain power, elevates creativity and enhances planning skills. Playing chess requires one to be attentive and self-aware.


A fun board game that sharpens the mind and increases focus. Engaging in carrom improves social interaction and increases patience.