Urja Sports Day 2017

Trinity Global School, Patna celebrated its Annual Sports Day – URJA: The Sporting Spirit on 25th November 2017. Urja means “energy” in Sanskrit. On the much awaited day, the gentle albeit slightly nippy breeze, a clear sky and the radiant sun set the urja in motion. The participants and spectators soaked up all the positivity from the elements and radiated the sporting spirit.TGS believes that “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is the key to success.  So, sports have always been an integral part of our school curriculum, maintaining a fine balance with the academics. All the events were conducted within the school premises. The school takes pride in its vast playgrounds and has separate fields earmarked for the different sports. Each game has trained professional coaches.

The Opening Ceremony began with a welcome speech, followed by the March Past. The contingent Commander was Pranay Pratik of Grade 8. The four houses – Puffin, Skylark, Heron and Swallow marched to the beats of the drums in their house colours red, yellow, green and blue respectively. They were led by their respective House Coordinators namely Happy Kumar, Shubham Kumar, Anmol Kumar and Aniket Kumar.  The House Captains Shashwat Shourya, Kumar Shashwat, Anushka Singh and Arindam Kumar mounted their respective House Flags thereby heralding the spirit of URJA 2017.

Ms Geetanjali Trehun, The Principal of TGS addressed the gathering next. She exhorted the students to adhere to the rules, play a fair and honest game and uphold the sportsmanship spirit. The school Choir regaled the audience with a couple of inspirational songs and The National Anthem thereby setting the mood.  The URJA 2017 was then declared open by The Principal Ms Trehun which was marked by release of red, blue, yellow and green coloured balloons.

The tiny tots of Mont I, II, and III captivated the hearts of all present with their grit and perseverance.  They participated in the Relay Race, Taming the Truants, Jumping Roos and Fetch Your Smiles. These little ones concluded with Blooming Buds – The Drill. A beautifully choreographed and superbly executed drill which included several formations.

The students of Grade 1 and 2 participated in the Relay Race, Sack Race and Marble & Spoon Race.

The students of Grade 3 and above participated in various events like 100 metres Race, Relay Race, Badminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Roller Skating, Football and Basketball. The swimming competition had concluded on 9th of September.

The programme concluded with the Prize Distribution. The prizes were given away by Ms Geetanjali Trehun. This was followed by a vote of thanks.

The winners of the various events are as follows:

Table Tennis – Boys (jr) Manasvi, Boys(Sr)  Shubham Kumar, Girls: Sakshi

Skating – Girls 1st Muskan Kumari

Boys:  Rishi Kumar, Shivam, Aman Kumar in Cluster 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

Lawn Tennis – Girls – Dhatri

Boys Jr – Lakshya

Boys Sr – Happy Kumar

Badminton – Girls (jr) Shruti

Boys(jr) Ashwini

Boys(sr) Kartik)

Football : Boys (sr) – Winner: Skylark House

Runner up – Heron House

Football: Boys (Jr) :Winner: Swallow House

Runner up – Skylark House

Basketball – Boys (Sr): Winner: Puffin House

Runner up – Skylark House

Basketball – Boys (jr): Winner: Heron House

Runner up – Puffin House

Swimming: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast stroke & Relay :

Winner : Harsh Prakash (Puffin House)

2nd Raj Vardhan (Skylark )

3rd Priyanshu Singh (Swallow)

Butterfly stoke: Winner – Raj Vardhan (Skylark)

Harsh Prakash (Puffin), Priyanshu Singh (Swallow)

100 mtr Race Girls: Winner – Jiya Sinha (Puffin)

2nd Surbhi Rani (Heron), 3rd Saloni (Swallow)

Boys (jr): Winner – Aditya Sharan (Puffin),

2nd Pushpak (Heron), 3rd Ayush Raj (Puffin)

Boys (sr): Winner – Pranay Prateek (Swallow),

Abhinav (Heron), Dharamraj Gyani( Puffin)

Relay Race  – Girls – Cluster 1 – Sowmya, Sanvi, Kavya.

Cluster 3 – Mimansha, Arushi

Cluster 4 – Monee, Shrishti, Sambhavi, Adya Abhishek

Boys – Cluster 1 – Shivansh, Raghav, Akshat, Ved, Krishiv.

Cluster 3 – Surya Narayan, Akshat, Anurag, Aditya, Ved, Kartik Anand.

Cluster 4 – Ashutosh Kumar, Paneel, Anubhavpreet, Vivek Raj & Mani

The House of Puffins topped the score tally with 400 points.

The entire school was pulsating with such a raw, vital energy – the kind only sports can generate. The enthusiasm, dedication, grit, perseverance and the show of sportsmanship displayed by the students reflects highly on the kind of training they receive from their dedicated coaches. Truly these students have done their parents, teachers and school proud.

Few Glimpses

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