Class 3 – Section B

Subject C/W H/W
English Little Tiger, Big Tiger-D/W, W/M Read and learn D/W, W/M of Little Tiger, Big Tiger
Make sentences
 Music Song-Light a Candle for Peace
Maths Ex.no.-51, Q.no.-7 and 8 Q.Bag-1, Q.no.-1 to 12
Q.Bag-2, Q.no.-1 to 5
(Pg.no.-204, 205, 206)
Self Reading
Hindi वितान   श्रुतलेख   पाठ-10 और 11 का शब्दार्थ याद करें। 
Games Substitution (Value Education) Football & Basketball
English Creative Writing Write a Paragraph on “Sports Day”
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